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15 - 16 February 2020


From 9:00 am to 17:00 pm

Irina Pyatkina
Master Teacher at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy of Moscow Honored Artist of Russia

Dmitry Povolotsky
Director of Russian Ballet International (RBI) and of the Bolshoi Summer Intensives

Centro Artistico MAT, Via alla Bozzoreda-Strada Privata 50, 6963 Lugano-Pregassona, Switzerland

Age groups
10/13 and 14/19+


FEBRUARY 15 (Saturday):
09:15 - 10:00 accreditation age group 10/13
10:00 - 13:15 MClass/Audition + Work Shop (age group 10/13)
12:15 - 13:00 accreditation age group 14/19+
13:45 - 17:00 MClass/Audition + Work Shop (age group 14/19+)
FEBRUARY 16 (Sunday):
Schedule will be announced later

The MC/A+WS will last 180 minutes in one sole day. The lessons are conducted at closed doors and will be accompanied by piano live music. The organization reserve the right to change the groups depending on the number and the experience of the registered students.


registration by February 10, 2020 following the below procedure:

1. fill in the electronic form
2. pay as per below instructions
3. send the evidence of your payment to:
4. attach one picture in 1st arabesque to your email message

The registration is valid only after receipt of the payment and will close when the maximum number of students approved by the Academy is reached. Limited places!

if you pay from Switzerland: CHF 150
If you pay from Italy: EUR 140 (use only SEPA circuit)

IBAN CH35 0900 0000 1515 8878 8
Bank: POSTFINANCE AG-Berne, Switzerland.
Beneficiary: Bolshoi Audition
Address: Via alla Bozzoreda str. priv. 50, 6963 Lugano (Switzerland)
Bank fees at the Sender’s cost.

Student scholarships for the Lugano Summer Intensive of July 20-24, 2020!

Each participant will receive a CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE signed by the Academy.

How to find us
There are two nearby streets called “via alla Bozzoreda”: public and private. We are on the private one, which is not on the GPS. To find us, set the GPS on Via alla Bozzoreda nr 46: you will reach the white CROCE VERDE building. Stand facing the entrance (with shelter), then look left: you will see a secondary road running internally alongside the building and following the river. Take it and drive 200 mt: you will find the Centro Artistico MAT after an iron gate. Big free parking.

Additional info or +4179 2493764

During the Summer Intensives in Florence, Urbino, Moscow and Lugano there is the possibility
to be selected for entering the Moscow Bolshoi Ballet Academy year-round program.


Master Teacher at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy & Honored Artist of Russian Federation

After graduating at Bolshoi Ballet Academy in 1978, Irina Pyatkina was invited right away to join the Bolshoi Ballet, where she worked with world-famous pedagogues and rehearsal directors such as Galina Ulanova, Marina Kondrateva and Raisa Struchkova.
Irina Pyatkina danced in numerous ballets choreographed by Yuri Gregorovich and Vladimir Vassilev.

During her twenty years of work at the Bolshoi Theater, Irina Pyatkina became Principal Dancer and performed leading roles in ballets like Giselle, The Sleeping Beauty, Les Sylphides, Chopiniana, Petrushka, Swan Lake, Don Quixote and The Legend of Love.
In 1998 Irina Pyatkina completed her graduation at the Russian Academy of Theatrical Arts, where she received high education in pedagogy.
After the termination of her career as a dancer at Bolshoi Theater, Irina Pyatkina was invited to teach at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy that is her Alma mater.

In 2005 Irina Pyatkina received the title of “Master Teacher” of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, where she currently teaches Ballet Technique, Pointe and Repertoire in the faculty of Classical Ballet. During her bright and continuous career Irina Pyatkina has been invited to teach master classes in many countries all over the world.


Director of Russian Ballet International (RBI) and Bolshoi Summer Intensive

Dmitry Povolotsky is a writer, director and choreographer.
At the age of 10 he was selected to attend the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow to study classical ballet.
After graduating from the Academy nine years later, Dmitry was awarded a full scholarship at the Juilliard School in New York City, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in “Modern Dance and Choreography”.

Dmitry remained in New York City to perform with the Metropolitan Opera Ballet for eight seasons and to teach ballet and choreography for the inner city youth at the Harlem School of Arts.
His dance productions were performed in New York at Aaron Davis Hall, Performance Space 122, Kitchen Theatre Company and Location One Gallery.

After making his first short film in 2003, Dmitry decided to pursue a Master of Fine Arts at the Columbia University School of Arts’ Film Division.
His movie “PAL/SECAM” and his most recent film, “My Father Baryshnikov”, won several prestigious film awards and continues to be selected to numerous festivals.

As Director of the Russian Ballet International (RBI) and of Bolshoi Summer Intensive, Dmitry has produced several International Programs and Workshops for the Bolshoi Ballet Academy.


Current ballet school / Attuale scuola di danza
Number of days per week of: / giorni alla settimana di:

I register for: / Mi registro per:

We will try our best to satisfy your choice

We will try our best to satisfy your choice. Changes in the date and group might nevertheless occur depending on final number and age of the registered students.
Cercheremo di assegnarvi il giorno da voi scelto. Potrebbero comunque rendersi necessari cambiamenti della data o del gruppo, a seconda del numero e dell’età degli studenti registrati.


The Bolshoi Ballet Academy reminds you that by registering for the event you are automatically confirming that you are in good health and you are in physical condition for the ballet activity. Moreover, the Academy takes for granted that all participants are covered by an adequate accident insurance policy, valid in Switzerland.

L’Accademia di Balletto del Bolshoi ricorda che iscrivendovi all’evento, garantite contestualmente la vostra sana e robusta costituzione, idonea all’attività della danza. Resta sottointeso, inoltre, che tutti i partecipanti siano coperti da adeguata assicurazione infortuni, valida in Svizzera.


By sending this registration form you give consent to the disclosure - for communication purposes - of the data, video and pictures taken during the event.

Inviando questo modulo si acconsente alla divulgazione per fini di comunicazione dei dati, video e fotografie raccolti in occasione dell’evento.



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